Nonsuch Caves - Jamaica

This is a former coconut plantation and agriculture research center that today, as a lush botanical garden, boasts many exotic and native species.

The highlight, however, is the Nonsuch cave system of nine separate chambers of stalagmites and stalactites. Bats occupy these caves hanging from the 13 m. high ceiling in the Gothic-Scale Cathedral chamber.

It is said that some stalagmite formations resemble the forms of a pope, a bishop, a man in ropes on a camel, and a nude female emerging from a shell.

You can go on with your trip leading through magnificient rainforests filled with beautiful views. Then you reach Port Antonio where you have time to do a little shopping.

Later you can go to Folly's, an old ruin from 1905. It once was a two story, 70 m. long mansion boasting sixty rooms. An American millionaire's humble residence. Folly's now acts as popular backdrop for fashion photo shoots. But a visit to Port Antonio is not complete without going to the Lighthouse, built in 1888. It offers a spectacular view of the ocean and if you are lucky you may spot a sea cow (Manatee).




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