Winnifred Beach - Jamaica




Winnifred Beach, like many others in Portland, has streams running into the sea and good swimming. A mile beyond here, smoke rising from a cluster of jerk huts heralds BOSTON BAY a beautiful beach donated to the government during the 1950s by Robin Moore (author of The Green Berets, The Happy Hooker, etc.). As we went to press, the beach has unkempt showers, changing rooms and a snack bar but no lifeguards as the Parish Council is hoping to lease it to private operators. An exceptionally scenic bay with good surf may tempt you to swim at your own risk.

Boston is the home of jerked pork, a spicy snack which originated with the Maroons who hunted wild boar in the Portland mountains and smoked it over open fires. You will see and smell it being smoked over pimento wood in the jerk stalls. There are still wild boar in the hills of Portland and they are hunted around Durham.


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