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Why choose Port Antonio for a holiday getaway ?

The PORT ANTONIO AREA is perhaps the most beautiful and scenic part of Jamaica. Navigatable rivers, twin harbors, waterfalls, freshwater Blue Holes and so much more. Puerto Anton was the name the Spanish gave the town in honor of the Governor‘son but they made no real effort to settle the area. 

The beaches that can be found at Port Antonio are simply stunning and feature long stretches of powdery golden sand fringed with palm trees and lapped by cool, clear waters.

Another highlight of Port Antonio is the area that is known as the Blue Lagoon. This enchanting land locked cove is the perfect place to swim, while the secluded location adds a romantic feel that couples are sure to enjoy. People who want to get to know this part of the world a little better can also take a boat trip to the nearby Navy Island, which is famous for its stunning natural beauty. In addition to golden sandy beaches the island also features a tropical rainforest that is just waiting to be explored, while lovers of architecture will want to make sure that they check out well-preserved classic buildings such as Portland Parish court house and Portland Parish Church.

People who have a strong sense of adventure and can bear to leave the beach for a while will want to spend some time hiking in the Rio Grande Valley. The Rio Grande River runs through the valley, and this is also a great place to try rafting while observing the surrounding scenery from a different perspective.Port Antonio also boasts a number of vibrant markets, which are great places to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables or simply watch local life unfold.